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Address:NO.1 Pantaoshan
Tel:0086 - 516 - 80110222
Fax:0086 - 516 - 80110221
 About us
Xuzhou Zhongxu Construction Machinery Import &Export Co., Ltd. is a professional company which in the domestic sales and export of construction machinery and parts.
Our company was established in 2005, specializing in the sales and export of XCMG products. The company has self-managerial import & export authority, and can independently conduct the import and export business of construction machinery products. With the increasing construction machinery export of XCMG in recent years, our company also enlarges the export business of construction machinery parts. We will try to send every parts of ...
 Spare Parts
TEL:0086-516-80110222 FAX:0086-516-80110221 E-mail:xcmgzx@xcmgzx.com
Address:NO.1 Pantaoshan Road,Xuzhou,Jiangsu,China Post Code:221000 WEBSITE:http://www.xcmgparts.net
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